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High-tech plastic packaging into the future trends

  The 21st century is the century of environmental protection, environmental issues become increasingly important energy resources more strained, to build a recycling economy and society, take the road of sustainable development has become the focus of global concern and urgent tasks, and become a business strategy and guidelines for human activities. In order to meet the new demands of the times, plastic packaging materials in addition to requirements can meet the market of packaging such as increasing the quality and quantity requirements, its development must be to save resources, energy conservation, recycled easily after use, easy to dispose of or eliminate environmental Yi satisfied or degradation of the starting point for technology development. Plastic packaging materials, new processes, new technologies, new products are emerging, and positive high-performance, multi-functional, active use of new materials, new technology, broaden application areas as well as plastic packaging and harmonize the development direction of environmental protection.

    Impedance and permeability of plastic packaging materials, because they can give good quality, freshness, flavor and extend shelf life protection function by rapid development and wide application, in addition to the widely used polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC), ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer (EVOH), in recent years, development of environmentally appropriate materials to promote the polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyethylene terephthalate (PEN), a total of polyamide (MXD6), silicon or aluminum oxide steam film (soft glass), the development of nano-inorganic materials will be more noticeable.

    Metallocene polyolefin (MHDPE, MLLDPE, MPP) the use, can further improve the performance of many flexible packaging such as strength, toughness, transparency, resistance and permeability, heat resistance and processing and so on. Will be subject to great attention and much businesses welcome.

    Functional packaging materials, such as functional preservation of film, sheet, microporous breathable film preservation, selective permeability packaging film, shrink packaging films and multi-functional with special features, convenience (easy to Kaifeng, easy to re-seal) packaging materials and products, etc. will be greater development. Aseptic packaging materials and technical biggest advantage is in sterile conditions, without preservatives, no refrigeration, can maximize the retention of the original nutrients of food and flavor, can greatly extend shelf life, easy storage and transportation, market development very rapidly, expanding use, except in dairy products, fruit drinks account for sweat a larger share, but will be further extended to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and spices area.

    Nanocomposite packaging materials will vary with the rapid development of nanotechnology, and rapid industrialization, due to its wear resistance, hardness, strength, barrier, plasticity were significantly enhanced and improved, except for food packaging, but also for special packaging such as anti-static, anti-magnetic, anti-detonation and invisible, dangerous goods packaging, which is expected to promote the traditional plastic packaging materials, a huge change.
Environmentally friendly (green adaptive) plastic packaging materials (or green plastic packaging materials), environmental management standards IS14000 series with the implementation of a global focus of attention, which is easy to recycle plastic packaging materials such as PET, PEN, easily degradable plastics (EDP) in biodegradable plastics, has become the hot spot in the hot, other issues such as zero pollution foam, thin-walled bottle and pouch packaging containers are also of concern.

    Hot filling plastic bottles of juice and tea drinks packaging, aseptic packaging with the traditional, three metal cans, glass bottles relatively low cost, transparent material, light weight, unbreakable, and good environmental adaptability advantages, it has been more widely used, its use accounts for half of the hot filling over the city. PET plastic bottles in addition to canned heat, the bottles are subject to greater attention in recent years, BOPP. BOPP bottle has the following advantages: the improvement of heat resistance of the drawing process by PP, canned temperature can be increased to 100 degrees Celsius, the bottle does not require special equipment, handling, and to greatly improve the oxygen barrier performance; BOPP bottle does not absorb moisture, longer shelf life, easy to recycle; product cheaper cost than PET bottles more than 20%.

Source:      Time:2011-9-14 16:31:31
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