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European food packaging trends

Europe's food paper packaging, generally using cartons, paper bags, paper tube and so on. In Europe, restaurants, food "packages" with the paper is one by one. Various types of wrapping paper in the paper bag the largest proportion, accounting for one-time second place is the paper container, such as cups or food containers and so on. Third place is the beverage packaging, all kinds of fruit juice, milk and other food packaging, paper cans are also widespread. In addition, the paper packaging is also used in a variety of cooked food, fast food, snacks and other food products into. Paper in Germany and other countries in the use of food is also relatively large in China, some countries in Europe have some of the paper packaging after use can be recycled paper products in Europe with the development of food has gone through three major stages : The first stage is before World War II, when the paper packaging production at a low level, poor quality, production is also low. The second stage is the 1950s to the 1960s, as technology advances, paper quality has been greatly improved, "the paper and wood" packaging improvements can be achieved. The third stage is the late 60's to 70's, the basic quality of paper can replace the horse reached the mouth of the extent of aluminum cans, along with the development of disposable tableware, paper cups, paper trays, etc. contributed greatly to advances in food packaging market .

At present, European countries, paper food packaging materials development is the development and production versatility of paper products. Reflected in the moisture, freshness, temperature, sense of water, sterilization, anti-corrosion (oxidation) water, acid, oil, deodorant and other functions.

Europe's high-quality, beautifully designed and feature-rich food sales paper packaging that we can learn and learn. Integration with the world economy, China's related industries as soon as possible to learn and absorb foreign advanced technology and experience to make paper in China originated in the food packaging field glory.

Plastic packaging and disposable food containers. Europe is still a large number of plastics used in disposable food sales and packaging. Any material not properly handle a consumer, the consumer does not establish a reasonable use of systems engineering, will cause pollution. Europe is to abandon the use of ozone-depleting Freon or raw materials, and certain hydrocarbons as blowing agents, so you can eliminate the factors that damage the environment.

European countries for consumer goods high rate of processing residues, "There is no waste, garbage is also a resource" concept like the country's ideological education, young people develop the habit of not throw things.

Should be used for food packaging materials, the whole process of assessment methods. From an economic point of view, biodegradable materials, transportation, storage costs are relatively high for consumers, paper packaging plastic packaging than 2 times higher than the price, so foreign to the understanding of plastic food packaging and disposable food processing makes plastic packaging and tableware can be used normally without causing white pollution. However, due to cheap plastic products, paper products so consumers use than a large amount of food in disposable plastic packaging products, the PVC material is rarely applied, but not found in the information retrieval of its disabled policy.

In Germany, the industry said that the European post-processing of MSW is 60 years, from China's "pack rat" learned, but this way abroad to perfect the system, and now, in addition to foreign food packaging industry, other industries environmental obligations are automatically assume, therefore, the correct understanding and effective use of different characteristics of energy, consumers and community benefit.

Source:      Time:2011-9-14 16:31:37
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