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Plastic packaging products, food security can not be ignored

    Taiwan "plasticizer incident," the magnitude and severity of Taiwan and the world are unexpected. Variety of food products contaminated with beverage, health food, bread, cakes, etc. than 1,000 (in the investigation is still ongoing), lasted 30 years!
The event is due to poor factory "Yu Shen's" cloud from the agent in the manufacture of (mainly used in Taiwan as a food additive, equivalent to the mainland, "thickening" and "stabilizer" a mixture of two food additives .) when the back door, replaced with a plasticizer to 5 times the cost of your agent from the cloud, one of the most important raw material for palm oil, and plasticizers are widely used plastic materials, chemical substances, in Taiwan was identified as the fourth class of toxicity chemicals harmful to human beings, in short, is the use of substandard food additives.

    Plasticizer migration from plastic packaging materials out of contaminated food

    The event is due to the abuse of plasticizer, but at the same time, we also see that because of the plasticizer not only by directly adding to the pollution caused by food, but also migration from plastic packaging materials to food, resulting in food pollution. Some time ago bisphenol A baby bottles and the shelf of banned hazardous substances because of plastic packaging material from leaking to create "bad food."

    Recently, an associate professor of South China Agricultural University, published a paper, packaging of the plasticizers by dissolution of the impact of instant noodles and instant rice noodle are varying degrees of plasticizing agent contamination. It is understood that in addition to the above two products, including meat, rice, edible oil products such as packaging, under certain conditions may also be dissolved in the plasticizer, affect food quality. An expert from the Shanghai Food Research Institute, told reporters that, if used as a plasticizer packaging of instant noodles, then because of the special nature of plasticizer, is easily and bread products such as fats and oils to attract each other, some of the plasticizer will the migration into the food inside, so, oil barrels on the doubly worried.

    A chemical analyst pointed out that although many studies have involved domestic to plasticizer migration in food, plasticizers in food packaging determination method, etc., but for plasticizers and other chemical products in the real foods migration case study, was not sufficient. Although the extent of damage a bad measure, however, endanger the existence of at least does not dispute the.

    Expert interpretation of "Food Safety Law" provisions of plastic food packaging materials

    Since June 1, 2009, the mandatory national standard "food containers, packaging materials, additives health standards" (GB9685-2008) into effect. The standard is standardized by the Ministry of Health and the National Commission on September 9, 2008 jointly issued.

    The standard varieties of additives approved for use in dozens of the original standard expanded to 959 kinds, and the form of an appendix lists the permitted list of additives, use of maximum usage, specific migration (SML) or maximum residue quantity (QM) and other restrictive requirements. In addition, the new standard also adds the principle of the use of additives, food packaging materials with the additives required to achieve the packaging materials in contact with food, under the recommended conditions of use, migration to food additives shall not endanger human health and the occurrence of the food characteristics and changes. Meanwhile, to achieve the desired effect, it should minimize the use of additives.

    International Food Packaging Association Executive Vice President and General Director Lion said, our common plastic food packaging materials, paper, metal, glass, rubber, ceramics and aluminum-plastic composite packaging materials, while China's market access for food packaging phases, and its form is the implementation of production license management. At present, only use plastic packaging products for food production license to implement the management, food paper packaging products, will be held from September 1 this year, implementation of market access, since ceramics, glass, metal, rubber, food packaging products and containers after will gradually implement production license management.

Dong Lion introduction, plastic food packaging products since the introduction of voluntary certification in 2007, since January 1, 2008 to start investigation without a license, that is, enter the mandatory certification stage. In accordance with the provisions of the AQSIQ, there is no access to productive enterprises shall not permit the production of three types of 39 kinds of plastic food packaging products, operators can not operate without the certified products. The first reason to be against plastic products, plastic packaging products, because more problems, more manufacturers. So far, the certified food in plastic packaging business has more than 6,000, while the national production of plastic food packaging company has 30,000 or so, that at present only 1 / 5 of companies certified.

    Taiwan "involving plastic" event indirectly for food packaging material safety alarm

    Security-conscious, there are regulations and standards, expectations of food safety, especially food packaging materials of plastic packaging materials will be better and better ensure the security of Taiwan, "involving plastic" event also indirectly for the safety of food packaging materials, sounded the alarm, and regulations need to further improve the regulatory needs further improvement, the manufacturer is the need to live up consumer trust, to take up security responsibility.

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