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A green plastic packaging industry trends

In the new century, the world continues to deepen economic adjustment and change in the sustainable development strategy is the overall context of global industrial revolution, but also changes in the plastic packaging industry, environmental background. With the environmental impact of the wave, consumer packaged goods raised higher and higher requirements. Green packaging is the need for international environmental trends, but also represents the development trend of the national packaging industry, is to improve the competitiveness of product markets, to avoid an important part of new trade barriers. Correspondingly, the green plastic packaging has become an important trend.

Development of green packaging materials recyclable

Packaging waste regulations vary, but there is a common principle: to encourage less use of raw materials. In the packaging design should make use of the same material, detachable material can coexist, and tend to use simple, easily recycled materials. To meet the packaging function of the premise, to minimize the amount of garbage generated, thus rendering the development trend of lightweight packaging film.

Plastic Stabilization Technology

Plastic stability is the key technology for new antioxidants, UV stabilizers, and free radical scavenger preparation and application of research and development. Japanese chemical re-filling plastic containers, food trays or turnover box, plastic stabilization technology can be used to create high-quality plastic products, to enhance its reuse or recycling value.

Biodegradable plastic technology

Biodegradable plastics are generally divided into biodegradable plastics, optical and bio-degradable plastics / light degradable plastics. Varieties of domestic R & D has covered photodegradation, biodegradation of light, light oxo-biodegradable, biodegradable high starch content type, calcium carbonate-filled high-oxidative degradation of light, biodegradable and other categories. Biodegradable plastics in packaging applications, has spread in common packaging film, shrink film, shopping bags, garbage bags, etc., for improving the quality of the environment has played an active role. Starting from the protection of ecological balance, of fully biodegradable plastic is imminent, especially edible powder or inorganic mineral filled, high-quality, low cost biodegradable plastic is biodegradable plastics currently an important research topic.

Incineration or the use of steel-making furnace heat recovery, re-use plastic waste development

Incineration of plastic waste heat recovery, recycling is a key means of plastic waste management is the most realistic option. Research and development of plastic waste in the future should provide energy related equipment, designed to use more convenient, longer life, lower prices of equipment to speed up the burning heat recovery and utilization of China's steel-making furnace re-use plastic waste research and development.

Edible films

Edible packaging films based on a natural edible substances (such as polysaccharides, proteins, etc.) as raw materials, through the interaction between different molecules to form a porous network structure of the film. Such as chitosan edible packaging films, packaging films of corn protein, modified cellulose membrane composite edible packaging edible packaging film. Edible films can be used in a variety of instant foods in packaging in the food industry should have a huge market.

Water-soluble plastic packaging film

Water-soluble plastic packaging film as a novel green packaging materials in Europe, America, Japan and other countries has been widely used for packaging of various products, such as pesticides, fertilizers, paints, dyes, detergents, water treatment agent, mineral additives, washing agents, concrete additives, photographic chemicals and chemical reagents and other horticultural care.

The development of circular economy development of the relevant policies of plastic

At present, sub-put solid plastic waste facility in Shanghai has emerged, but there is still a lot of people put at random. Considerable number of regions, departments and enterprises to show care for immediate short-term behavior.

Environmentally friendly food packaging plastic CT

CT is not only temperature, but the most prominent advantage is that it functions and commonly known as "foam plastic foam method" of the PSP similar to plastic products, and its size is equivalent to the latter's 1 / 4. Avoid this in the recovery due to the huge volume generated a lot of trouble, and to eliminate the negative impact on the environment to create the most favorable conditions.

New high-barrier plastic packaging materials

Use high-strength plastic barrier can not only enhance the protection of food, but also in the same amount of food packaging can reduce the amount of plastic, and even can be reused. Now commonly used in high barrier material with aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. With the food requirements for the protection of the improvement, better barrier ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, polyvinyl alcohol, also began to apply.

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